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Ugliness - exercise 2

  The ugliness comes on scene for me when something is done not to the end. Not unfinished, it may still be working, but somehow not finished, not furnished maybe.The stupidness is ugly, but it happens to everyone. Actually, the perfect beauty may not exist at all, but we have to see beautiful things all over in the tangible world around us. Our duty is to differentiate generally and particularly at the same time beauty and ugliness. See, a child cannot be ugly, but no one was born beautiful as it seems to be. The ugly things are opposite to love. Hatred is always ugly.
    If we would be unbiased we can see many good things. Sometimes, even good, some things could be ugly. I think I am ugly. I will be perfect, when I die. But then I will finish with life and no longer I will search beauty. I don't hurry up to die, I belong to this world and I will keep on searching the beauty. Maybe, the only thing that cannot be ugly is God. God itself, God differentiated and equal for everyone.  I don't want to meet Him so soon, because I will have to die. My recepee for life will be to live longer, to search happiness and before and after finding love to live happy lives. True happiness cannot be ugly.  All other things are ugly, that is why the happiness cannot be decoded. Search for beauty and you will find happiness.
                               Hammersmith Library
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публикувана на: 2017-10-12
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