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Once upon a time… there is a tree. On that tree, many things are growing, blossoms and fruit and things yet without name, they were in all size, shape and color. On the top of the tree there are fruits – some are sweet, some can satisfy your thirst, some your hunger, some both and of course there are some whose only purpose is to be beautiful. Among those wonderful creations there are things like green needles and silver thorns, usually growing among the most gorgeous of all the creations of nature. Bellow the wonderful fruits there is a whole line of those thorns and needles, almost like its cutting the tree in half, separating the beauty from those below, keeping it pure and intact…no incest.

Bellow that line there are other fruits and leaves – bitter and sour, and of course bittersweet , they were not so beautiful that is way they were below, but its not like mother nature wanted that, it was like the sun refused to shine upon them, and the wind was to harsh, so eventually they fall from grace.

All of them are living there, some enjoying the clean air, some bathing in the sun lights. Other were burned or blown, but most of them just evaporate…but non of them fell on the snow bellow the tree.

All but one…it had no taste, no purpose, it did not hold much beauty either- it was the black leaf. The leaf who did not enjoy the sweet aroma that was around him, it despised the sun, the sun, the company of his brothers and sisters…it was the black leaf who fell on the white snow bellow the tree.

Then the black leaf fell on the pure white snow, he realized that he was finally free, free from all the beautiful and blinding colors that made the tree that he loved so much, look so repulsive. All winter the leaf was playing  with the wind, sleeping beneath the warm snow, enjoying his freedom and never again looked up at the tree.

But when the winter began to pass away and the spring was the one which started to dictate everything, a larva came and ate the leaf…..

While being eaten, he thought – “it is over, I finally got my freedom from all that soulless beauty, I was finally happy and now I am dyeing…I curse you all my brethren for you strive only for beauty and curse you too sun for loving only those with color.” And the leaf was no more…but something happened, the leaf was gone, but something else arose inside of the larva…hatred, passion, fury things that the larva itself never knew they existed…yes that was the restless spirit of hatred…the spirit of the black leaf, he could never forgive that something took its freedom and peace, but he was weak, he was powerless spirit, he could not do anything now, so he waited, and waited, and waited and he fell asleep.

On morning the leaf awoke and found himself in the body of other creature- the larva had become a wonderful butterfly. The leaf caught a glimpse of her through her eyes as she was passing across a lake. All thoughts of hatred and revenge were gone, he thought - I am beautiful, ha more beautiful than all of my brothers and sisters combined, he was so happy.

He lived for a while, like that but at some point he grew frustrated with the butterfly, because she was only flying low through the flowers, so he killed her and took her body and he was happy, ooo so happy, so happy that he flew across the skies, he was beautiful and he wanted the world to know... but as he was showing his beauty to the world a hungry bird came above him and ate him. But that did not last long, that time he was furious – how dare you take away my freedom and take away my beauty from the world- die he thought and forced the bird to fall, ou and the bird fell but it fell right in front of a resting fox, and the fox without too much thought ate the bird along with the spirit of the leaf and went back to sleep.

The black leaf was imprisoned again, this creature was too strong for him to take control, he was depressed, he realized that he almost lost himself to the beauty like his brothers and sisters back on the tree, that almost broke him…he remained in static silence, he knew it was not over-as long as there is will, there is hope-he always said…but he was sad, for the butterfly, for the poor bird and for his corrupted heart.

Something unexpected happen, the fox heard the thoughts of the leaf, but she did not said anything, she waited, she learned about him, she was astonished, how something so small and insignificant can be so complicated, she could not understand and yet she was the smartest animal in the forest. One night as she was sleeping beneath the silvery moon, she felt a grate pain inside of her – the leaf was thinking about the butterfly again, he thought to give up, it was too much to bare and he was locked within that creature.

-         Why are you giving up, my sweet black warrior? Am I too great of an opponent?

-         There is no honor in you. – answered the black leaf.

-         Ha-ha,  first I will say that you have no right to talk about honor, you beautiful black butterfly. And second the honor is long gone, the old ways are gone, now its about who is more evil or something, I don’t know you will have to ask the wolf, given the chance – ha-ha-ha…I don’t know honor and I don’t care about it, I am just a survivor like you my love. I kind a love you romantic struggle, so get your spirit up and continue the battle.

-         Yes I don’t have the right to talk about honor that is why I refuse to fight you, Ive lost that right, its not that I don’t want to fight you either, its that I spent too much time chained by the hatred… and I lost what I later came to love. I have no right to take your freedom, you said it, you are survivor its not like you ate the bird, just to make me miserable. I have nothing against you, I will wait until you die and take your body then.

-         Hmm my honorable black knight, ok it’s a deal then.

-         What deal?

-         I will teach you how to survive without me, because you love are like a little child among those forests, waiting to be eaten. Its nothing like your home, here everyday can be your last. And you will teach me about honor and dignity –you will make me a lady – hi-hi-hi- sounds like fun, doesn’t it darling.

-         What do I gain from that?

-         I will listen to you, I will let you watch with my eyes, listen with my ears and eat with my mouth…. and if you manage to impress me I will share my heart with you…

-         Go to the lake where you ate the bird, look into it, and lend me your senses for a minute and I will answer you.


The fox went by the lake and opened her body for the leaf, at first he looked through her eyes into the reflection, she was beautiful but not like the butterfly or his family, their beauty was to be watched from a far, enjoyed, it was the kind that brings smile upon your face, and peace to the heart. Her beauty was something new, she was dangerous, smart, cunning, at first he felt threatened, but then she smiled and he saw her eyes, green like the newborn grass after harsh and dry winter, green, fresh, free and so full of life. Yes it was the kind of beauty that scares you, but yet it was so remarkably different from anything else he ever saw, yes the leaf fell in love.

The fox felt that too and she smiled, and thought- ha that was easy. But the leaf was so much more than she thought, he took control of her whole body in an instant.

-         Now I control everything but your heart, I left it on purpose so what I am about to tell you needs no thinking, instead fell it, I thought too much and see what happened.

-         See how easy I took control of you, yes I did not have the strength to do that earlier, but after I saw you and heard what you thought about me, my black soul awoken and now I am giving you a lesson – don’t underestimate me at any moment, it will be your last. Don’t be so frightened I do not intend to take your freedom, I will never do that again, I am making a vow now. – he stopped and looked at the moon, and smiled – the only thing I have ever loved was the moon, she always looked at me, at all of us, even though my brethren did not like her, they were not that beautiful at night, but she did not care, she was shining upon all of us. But her most powerful and gentle rays were only for me, she was so caring, and yet I betrayed her too. So first I ask you my first love forgive me, for what I was… you were the first to show me that I was beautiful in my own way, and you were the first I betrayed when I gained colors. – a tear slowly find its way from his gray eyes.

-         Now beneath you my silver queen I make a vow, never to judge anyone by the way he looks, never to take what is not given to me and never to lose myself to the darkness.

-         And you my charming fox thank you for trying to understand me, I accept what you offered me, now take your body back I shell not do that again.


The fox was shocked – how can such so black, be so colorful?

They went back to the forest and from the next morning they started living in a union, the fox thought him about the life in the forest, she thought him that among all the animals, birds, insects and fishes, everybody kills to survive, but no one takes live and freedom from others just because he can, it always must be a matter of survival. That way there is an equilibrium and relative peace, and the rulers of the forest were the wolves, they were hunting in pacts and since birth they were on the path of honor, and just like him they were loved by the moon, no body else loved them, because of their power, they were afraid of them.

The leaf , thought the fox that everything has its own inner magnificence, some more some less, but you can never be sure, what is more pure and what is more worth it, he told her that the point is to show everything you’ve got in a way that nobody will be bothered, you don’t have to push yourself, if you understand your inner self, you will understand that outside and around you, if you understand that, you will know how to act, how to walk and talk, how to give and how to take everything you need…you need, not what you want. Because if you understand yourself, the first thing you will find out is the difference between want and need.

Respect everything, even your enemy, don’t underestimate, never, nothing. Think about the bad, prepare for the worse, that way nothing will ever surprise you, and if things don’t go the way you thought or prepared, you will only gain. Always no matter what enjoy the small things – a nap by the lake, a birds fly, the mooning of the wind at full moon. But also remember that the small things can kill you too, you see you can outrun the bear, but while looking back and laughing at the slow bear, the root in front of you can be the very end of you. Respect and honor everything, walk with dignity, but never with arrogance. Walk like you own the very ground you step on, but show humility too.

The fox was astonished, she did not only manage to turn her into a lady, but also every other animal in the forest, started looking at her differently, she was no longer just some hated cheater, now she was wise and beautiful. She was so happy, of course she had a heart, so there were times when she was feeling down, but at those times, the leaf took control of her, and took them to the most breathtaking and calm places, away from all the noise, and she could feel sad, but never alone, and that somehow always took her sadness and turn it to grace. And she smiled, oh how she smiled, she was only showing that to her black knight.

The leaf was happy too, and at peace, he loved her, and she loved him, but no matter what the scar on his spirit, from what he has done, never healed, there were times when he would dive into the regret and the pain of what he has done and not speak to her with days, but once the full moon came, he also came to her and she was happy again.

Everything was peaceful until the winter, then one night, when they went further inside the forest, because there was no food. Just after the skies turn bloody, after the red sunset – almost like a prophet, a pack of hungry wolves attacked, the fox started running, she was running, o how she was running, it was not from fear, everybody born in the forest is born with natural resistance from the fear of death. She was running because if they caught her, they could no longer be together. She run, a root, jump, soft land, turn right, up,up yes a tree, they cant catch her on the three, yes that one is perfect… just a few more jumps… two more…one… yes.
And just as she was about to jump on the tree a big black wolf jump from the opposite direction and broke her back. As he was about to smash her skull, another wolf cried out, but it was so different, then the other bloodthirsty creatures that wanted to take her love away from her, it was filled with honor, it was another wolf that was after the pact. He scared them, they run away, but it was too late, she was dieing. The leaf was furious, and yet so calmly sad he knew, she knew, there was nothing to do about it.

The other wolf came – he was with one eye, bigger than the others, and he was so familiar, yes he was everything that her black prince talked about, he was a child of the moon and he was honor and he was fury. She smiled – Come my brave savior, eat me and take the restless spirit within my body, be with him, he will help you catch that pact, isn’t it that what you wanted?

The wolf looked at her, he knew her, she was the one they called the milady of the forest, but he sensed something else inside of her, something dark, evil, fury and hatred beyond anything else he ever felt, even after he lost his female and his children, he wanted to punish the pact that has done that to him, and he wanted to destroy the black wolf more than everything else that he wanted in his life. But that black ball inside of the fox was something unspeakable, he was afraid, and then he heard it inside of his head – don’t be afraid mortal, take me within you and together we will bring the judgments of those whose love was taken away from them, we will give them torment beyond imagination, come now take me in.

-My love…

-Don’t say anything my leaf, my heart, I know, go now, but don’t lose yourself again, remember what we had and promise me to never abandon your smile and you way.

- I promise love, goodbye and thank you.

The wolf took the spirit of the black leaf, and he felt powerful, and he knew that now nothing can stop them. They chased after the pact for weeks, the leaf told him his story, and the wolf his, they shared the same path, but the something that the wolf said to the leaf, he never forgot – Just because you are black and you are somewhat kind and caring, even good and righteous, does not mean that everything else black is like you. But at the same time no matter how righteous and kind you are, we all turn monsters, once we lose our purpose in life.

The next night they caught the pact, and they were in union, and they were dark and evil and furious, and they wanted death and they gave it and they took it.

By the sunrise the pact was ripped apart, and the lonely silver wolf was dyeing from his wounds, he smiled and said thank you to the leaf, and he forever closed his eyes.

The leaf fell asleep without hope to ever awaken again…and he slept, and slept.

Until he woke up from a strange noise, some kind of bird scream, he opened his eyes, or should it be said that someone else opened his and the leaf was looking through them, he was in a new body, the body of a human, a man, he saw a woman next to him, and heard a children laughing from the next room, the leaf remained silent.
He lived inside of the humans body for many years, never saying anything, just watching and enjoying the happiness of the man, he loved his wife, his son and two daughters, he was working from dusk till dawn, every night he made sweet love to his wife, every morning he kissed his children. One morning his son went to war, and never came back. At first the man and his family were sad, very sad, but the still loved and supported each other, no one lost himself to the pain. The month to come, his older daughter gave birth to a wonderful boy, she named him after her late brother and they were all happy again. Two years from that moment the other daughter also gave birth but this time to twins, boy and a girl, which were named after their grandparents, and they were happy again, but the pain of the lost son never went away, but they withstood it and somehow turned it into a strength.

Many years passed and the man was on his deathbed, and the leaf finally spoke to him. Ever since you ate the wolf ive been living within you, watching you, you showed me something I never thought it exists, so I will give you a present that you never thought someone could give you. Do you know that tree that is filled with beauty and colors on the other side of the forest?

- Yes I do.

- There will be your grave.

-But no matter what you burry beneath that tree, the next morning its back on the ground and the animals eat it.

-Yes it has very little tolerance for how they call it – impurities. But don’t worry they will accept you.

- Why?

-Because the Black Leaf  is saying so, their master will come back to them.

Yes the leaf finally knew, why he was so different, why he was the only one who could fell on the snow and survive.

Soon after that the man died and he was buried next to the tree. Time passed and the spirit of the leaf went into the earth and back into the tree, but this time he was not a leaf, he was the tree itself, the black tree, he was known from there on, now everything was living together, there was no separation, now thorns were living next to a beautiful cherry, right beneath the hard, wrinkled brown nuts. But no one complained because they knew now, the less attractive were somehow beautiful next to their colorful brothers, and those who were praised as the most beautiful now had some kind of aura around them, now they did not look so much like figures, now everything was lively.

-What are you thinking about my son?

- A lake, a full moon, a fox.

- I am sorry that I put you through all that my child.

- Don’t worry mother, now I know, now I don’t feel sad or in pain anymore. Now I have what it takes to rule over my kind and teach them, so they will not need me anymore one day.

- And what them my son?

- I will take another journey, I found some creatures that are much more beautiful for me then everything on that tree… Now leave me mother I want to get back to my memories of my long lost innocence.

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