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i believe i'll be with you

You’re every day in my life, in my soul.
You make me fall in love with you and
To resent
When I gotta go home
Without you
and make a movement
without you!
I wanna be every day,
I wanna spend every moment, single night
With you
You’re my flame,
You’re my light
I wanna be with you forever!

You’re my love, you’re my life
We were born each other.
I know
From your brother
That your admires are a whole hive.
Yes but
In spite of that
I love you so much
I love your skin, your touch
I love your heart
I also love that you’re so smart!

I see a star
In your shining eyes
It’s a pity that now you’re far
Because of my witless lies
Yes i know
I caused you an enormous pain
But i hope
we’ll be together again.
Despite the difficultes, despite the obstacles
That aren’t few
I believe in miracles
I believe i’ll be with you!

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раздел: Поезия -> Лирика на чужд език
публикувана на: 2005-03-09
прочитания: 503
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