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The grace of the shadowsome things

You have silenced the siren
that echoed from the crashing foam,
devious and deadliest
but you joyed at all the song, then owned.
Don't chain away your Cerberus.
Don’t burry your white ghost.
Don’t trial now the witch in you
for they are "you" the most.
Don’t give up on your GOD-
They live all there inside.
It’s every little piece of you
you’ll need so you survive.
Don't fear your distain of the roses-
repaint them in purplish- black.
Fear not your dislike of pink lace-
you’ve a vision deep they have chosen to lack.
Don’t be the rabbit,
embody the fox.
Owls are calling-
go join the flock.
No cutting down now
the antlers of your kingly stag-
His majesty must roam the forest free.
Too many thoughts just hold you back.
Creep round the mountain.
Lurk in the shades
of old oaks and ashes.
Spray stars on your lashes.
Haunt the old houses.
In the darkness see true light.
Live the legends,  float round the marshes.
Be a herb's essence in flight.
Show the strange, the different, the “in”.
Find the beauty of the shadowsome thing.
Be darker, it is no shame-
not all luminosity is good.
Darkness is light sometimes
I repeat again…

You are all weird little monsters-I like you :) 

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раздел: Поезия -> Лирика на чужд език
публикувана на: 2014-04-14
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