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Spontanious poem

I've decided to write
a spontanious poem,
a few words,devoded to you,
because if I keep pretending
I'm fine,
I might just as well
give up on you.
This I write in a few seconds,
this is just a thought that crossed my mind,
but I wanted to tell you so badly
you are the only man in my heart...
This sponataniou urge
that I felt now
is not just a mistake,
it is not just a few words
on a napkin,
and it certainly is not fake.
I love you-
here I said it out loud
and now I am ready to face you,
because even though I made a mistake
and you don't love me,
I will be right here,
waiting in blue,
but still hoping on you.

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раздел: Поезия -> Лирика на чужд език
публикувана на: 2008-01-20
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