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What if I look into your eyes,
will I see there diamond lights,
what if I try to do it twice,
will I see there the love
wich I've never had enough?

In your eyes
I read more than another tale :
your heart
need to find a shelter... where -
so come and find it in my arms,
promise you always to be kind -
every single day and night,
just hold my hand and cross the line!

What if I taste your cigarette,
will I feel some piece of you,
what if I touch you with my breath,
will you stay in my shelter
that I've made for you... 

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раздел: Поезия -> Лирика на чужд език
публикувана на: 2013-11-06
прочитания: 197
точки: 2 (виж далите точки)
коментари: 1 (виж коментарите)
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