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Pure Love

When you have real friends, 
your life makes sense
something just clicks 
and every piece fits!
You can be the worst 
but you’ll still come first!
They’ll be there till the end
so you never bend! 
And sometimes you will fail,
but they will buy you a cocktail, 
and will tell you it’s okay,
and will make your day!
You are never safer
you are never more secure.
When they are with you
the world is just so pure.
When they hug you,
you feel at home, 
a light starts showing you the road
so you can’t fall overboard. 
There are no conditions!
There are no suspicions!
Nothing to be ashamed of!
Just a magical love! 

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раздел: Поезия -> Лирика на чужд език
публикувана на: 2018-03-24
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