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Pain again

Dissapointed again ... in need to mourn.
My soul is being scourn.
Grim thoughts pass true my head,
thoughts that as a virus spread.
Pain devours my flesh,
deeply cutting through your skin.
An optimistic sence gets into me so fresh
and then it is wretchedly slain.
Losing sence of time and space,
needing all the scars to erace.
Dying slowly from the inside,
losing battles from every lifeside.
What is reallity i do not know?
Facing everything - so bitter and filled with sorrow.
What is reallity i do not know anymore?
And again so bitter taste.
Is it worthy to fight?
Fear is at every sight!
All i want is just my soul to fade!
Drowned in tears,
I do want them to dissappear - my fears.
Struggling to keep my sanity,
day by day I walk the path to insanity.

Drowned in weakness,
peoples pitty brings me to sickness.
Every bite from life that i take
brings me just discust.

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раздел: Поезия -> Друга поезия
публикувана на: 2019-02-16
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