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The pursuit of your better self

I guess I'll always be...

A soldier of fortune

(Deep purple)


But fortune is what you achieve yourself

To grab the edge with bleeding hands

To climb up with raw knees

To run with your last breath

To taste the oasis with burning lips

But to be able to ignore the mirage even with blurred eyes

Devotion is the engine of success

But Success is a never-ending road

Satisfaction is temporary, only a point  on the line of infinity...but let it linger for a while!

Be better, stronger, faster, smarter...but are you really?

Superiority is not to be taken as a constant but to be proved every single day

Look at the mirror without glasses - those of self-pity or self-complacency

Dig deep under your feelings and your thoughts,  provoke yourself 

See yourself naked, don't censure truth

Challenge yourself, prove yourself in front of yourself, question the validity of your proofs

Value your achievements, praise your qualities

Judje your mistakes, erase your faults

Become so self sufficient that you can share resources

Be able to transform a cry into a smile, defects into effects, doubt into confidence

Reach a point where you can say "I'm not perfect but I am as close as a human being can get!"

After convincing others, convince yourself that you can be even closer!

Then continue your pursuit, your journey, your life!

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публикувана на: 2012-11-22
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